Prolegis Real Estate
Conveyancing Saskatchewan Pricing

$ 49 Per Transaction
  • Powerful practice management
  • Advanced communication tools
  • Modern document creation tools
  • Extensive real estate letter and document database
  • Robust mortgage document and template database
  • User driven public databases for key stakeholder groups
  • Title, registration and title insurance ordering
  • Portals for clients, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers
  • Secure built-in document storage
  • Cloud-based and available on any device

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Manage Your Practice Economically

Customize workflows for predictable, efficient and cost effective completion of purchase, sale, and refinance transactions.

Superior Customer Experience

Provide your clients with a consistent, frictionless digital experience through a modern portal and communication tools that drive customer engagement.

Handle High Transaction Volume with Ease

Dynamically manage, track and report on the progress of all real estate transactions in real time from a central dashboard that displays upcoming and late steps in the transactions.

Optimize & Boost Team Productivity

Share work and monitor progress using reminders and follow ups. Create documents quickly using a robust set of templates and easy to use editing tools.

Collaborative Stakeholder Environment

Engage and share information with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other lawyers through portals designed with their unique needs in mind.

Enhanced Performance Insights

Gain valuable insights into your real estate deal flow month over month and year over year. See where your referrals are coming from and who your key clients are.