Prolegis|Real Estate

Easier and more comprehensive conveyance preparation
and client communication

  • eliminates double entry
  • facilitates the completion of the lender's most current documents
  • allows you to insert information into PDF documents
  • automates document production while giving you full control over the content
  • improves client communication through a client portal
  • gives insights into health of your practice and your files
  • saves time by allowing you to send emails faxes and texts directly from the software
  • stores your documents and saves your information avoiding the duplication of effort
  • provides a calendar to track your tasks and closings

An Alberta-Made Solution for Alberta Real Estate Conveyancers


Designed to make your life simpler Prolegis|Real Estate is about protection from errors or omissions, easier handling and coordination of work load with a real-time overview of the progress of your firm's real estate files, ultimately facilitating a better client experience. Are you ready to find out how much simpler life can be?
Let us simplify your day-today.

Progress Dashboard

Track the progress of a matter at three levels: per deal, user and entire firm. Set follow-up reminders on important steps of your deal. Add progress steps unique to your firm. Assign individual steps within a deal to another user within your firm. Receive notifications on steps that may be late.

Mortgage Production

Use our pre-created mortgage templates from many major lenders or create your own intelligent templates using pdf mortgage documents. Instantly populate the templates with information from the deal. Reuse the templates on future deals; the system remembers forms and the placement of information within those forms. Dramatically reduce the time spent completing lender documents!

Client Portal

Keep clients automatically informed as you populate the file and add documents. Clients can download important documents, receive instructions and other relevant updates and reminders. Firm and lawyer contact information, directions and appointment reminders. Effortlessly increase your client satisfaction and likelihood of client referrals.

Document Automation

Create customizable documents with the click of a button. In tandem with the Progress Dashboard, create all important letters from included precedents that automatically include all deal information. Coming Soon: Create your own templates.

Statement of Adjustments / Disbursements

Enter the purchase price, upload/enter tax information and other adjustments to automatically create a Statement of Adjustments. Enter additional disbursements to automatically create a Statement of Disbursements.

Upload Titles / Tax Certificates

Directly upload the registered documents, system automatically obtains all required information from the certificates.

Firm Insights

View a snapshot of the health of your real estate practice, frequent realtors, number and location of deals, and more. Graphically view the breakdown of deals per type per month, fees; compare by month or year. View the deal flow and trends.

Calendar / Tasks

Organize closing dates, deadlines and Progress Dashboard follow-up items in one place. Be alerted when a Progress Dashboard item is due.

Single Entry

Enter information once and it is applied in all relevant places. Upload documents to automatically input the information into the system, ready for your review.

Instant Email / Fax / SMS

Send and track email securely and directly from the system. Attach documents to your email. Third parties reply directly to you. Send faxes directly from the software. Have SMS conversations in the program without disclosing personal phone numbers.

Document Storage

Store all of your documents safely in the system. Duplicate and modify them as needed, according to your and your clients needs.

Conditional Agreements

Keep track of conditions on deals in progress. Coming Soon: Automatically create Offer of Purchase and Waiver of Conditions.

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About Us

We combine the fields of law and technology to increase efficiency,
reduce risks and provide managerial insights.

Mike Jackson, JD - Chief Strategist

Mike Jackson, JD is the founder of MDJ Law, a solicitor’s practice in Airdrie, Alberta. His practice features a large real estate component. To better understand the process, Mike is involved in every aspect of the conveyance, from the receipt of the file to the preparation of the final reporting for clients. This global view of the real estate transaction has helped him to identify the risks and inefficiencies in real estate practice and conceptualize approaches to mitigating those risks and addressing the inefficiencies.

Nathanaël Noblet, MBA - Chief Architect

Nathanaël combines technical prowess with a deep seated disdain for inefficiencies; he's seen too many systems whose sole purpose is to input data ignoring the true benefit of a computerized system - automation, error checking, reporting and analytics. He's built large complex systems for the World Health Organization, Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary Department of Family Medicine.

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Our Plans

Nothing complicated here! Simple pricing and simple software you can trust!

Per transaction billing

$35 / transaction.

Advanced Communication Tools

Our fees include access to all communication tools. Fax, SMS and email directly within the software.

5 Free deals

To help you get up to speed, we let you learn on the first 5 deals for free!

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