Prolegis Real Estate New Feature Highlights – Q3 2022

An image showing the words "New Features" on a keyboard.

In Q3 2022, many new features and updates were added to the Prolegis real estate software, including some great requests brought forward by our users. Check out some of the features and updates that will make your daily work life more manageable:

Create your own custom default email subject lines

Prolegis provides a default email subject line for emails from within the software. This new feature allows you to set a custom email subject line for purchases, sales, and refinances. These custom subject lines can contain static text (that will not change from matter to matter) and dynamic text (that will vary based on the matter).

Mark up your uploaded PDFs in the Documents Action

You can now get to the PDF editor in Prolegis more quickly and easily.  Uploading a PDF and accessing the PDF Editor is from your Documents Screen.

Purchase FCT Title Insurance in Prolegis

Save time by purchasing your FCT Title Insurance policy directly through Prolegis.

Default Adjustments for Statement of Adjustments, Trust Ledger, Net Proceeds and Cash to Bring

This feature provides conveyancers with the ability to create default adjustments. This standard adjustment can be added to the statement of adjustments, trust ledger, net proceeds and cash to bring in a real estate matter with a click of a button, saving repetitive data entry time.

Auto-Add Default Adjustments

Do you have adjustments that are continually added to your Statement of Adjustments, Cash to Bring, Net Proceeds or Trust Ledger? Default adjustments can now be automatically added to new matters saving you the time and effort of adding them to your deal.