New Features Added to Prolegis

News and Announcements from Prolegis

We’ve added some new features to bring quick, easy, and accurate to your day.

Client ID

We’ve included the ability to store additional client ID information as a part of the real estate transaction along with the front and back of ID documents.  Access this from your Actions menu in the Buyer/Seller action.  Click +ID Verification.

Soon this information will be available for the completion of documents.  Stay tuned.

Draw Mortgages

For those financing transactions where there is more than one draw, you can now build those out fully in Prolegis.  For further information, check out:


We’ve improved our appointments in two ways.  First, if you’re not sure what day you’ll be meeting with your client, but you’d like to complete the documents, we’ve now improved the formatting of the presentation of the date in your documents.

The appointment checklist step will now only be checked off if a complete date (including the day) is entered into Prolegis.

Initials Options

We’ve added additional options for how your display your initials at the bottom of your letters.  To see them, go to:

Click on the precedent style you’d like to update, then go to the “Page” section and “Document Initials”

Enhanced Matter Search

When you search for a matter number, you can now see the matter number and the Client’s name – to see additional information searching for matters, go to:

Mortgage Deductions

You can now save mortgage deductions in Prolegis.