New Feature Highlight – January 2022

Woman looking at Prolegis new features on her computer

We’re always addressing customer needs with new Prolegis features. 

Here are a few that have been released recently:

Multiple Invoices Per Transaction

Not all real estate transactions can be handled with one invoice. You can now create multiple invoices (up to 5) for your real estate fees and disbursements in Prolegis.

Read our knowledgebase article to find out more:

All-Inclusive Fees and Disbursements

With Prolegis, you can set whether your firm will invoice in a standard way (a sum of fees, disbursements and other charges), or with an all-inclusive fee. This all-inclusive fee lets the firm set the total for the invoice, and the law firm’s fee is automatically adjusted based on the disbursements and other charges that are added to the invoice.

Read our knowledgebase article to find out more:

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