New Feature: FCT’s Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC) Available in Prolegis on June 27th

FCT Title Insurance

FCT’s Lender Lawyer Connect (LLC)

This new, easy-to-use feature enables you to import all of your LLC mortgage instructions within Prolegis. All details and documents from the mortgage will be automatically populated into your matter, and communications on these deals can now occur within the Prolegis software — improving your efficiency. 

Prolegis enhances your integration with FCT’s LLC by enabling you to:

  • Improve your workflows/efficiencies by removing duplication of data entry in multiple systems.
  • Have one centralized access point for your FCT and LLC instructed deals.
  • Generate LLC documents with current data passed directly from Prolegis.
  • Automatically create follow-ups based on lender conditions.
  • Have secure and enhanced transmission of client ID information.