Prolegis Real Estate New Feature Highlights – Q2 2022

New Features

In Q2 2022, Prolegis Real Estate made some significant additions and integrations. In this update, we’ve added two exciting integrations, FCT’s LLC and FCT Title and have added enhanced handling of Corporate Directors, ID and Power of Attorney.

FCT’s Lawyer Lender Connect

The LLC Integration allows a Prolegis user to receive instructions directly from FCT’s LLC inside the Prolegis software, upload all relevant details and documents, correspond with the lender and provide reporting without leaving Prolegis.

This integration exists in other conveyancing products, but we provide elements that are unique to Prolegis Real Estate:

1. The ability to add fields to PDF documents downloaded from FCT.
2. The automatic creation of follow-ups from lender conditions.
3. Enhanced storage and transmission of client ID information.
4. A robust integration.
5. Easy to use interface.

FCT Residential Title Insurance

Users can now purchase FCT Residential Title Insurance from within Prolegis, share information entered into Prolegis automatically with the FCT Portal and download key information and title insurance policies. The integration is configured to share information with the FCT Lender Lawyer Connect integration as well.

Enhanced handling of Corporate Directors

This feature improves the ability to handle the addition of corporate directors and the ability to save ID for corporate directors.  

Enhanced handling of ID

This feature allows the conveyancer to save the ID for the conveyancer’s clients to the client. This means that when the client is assigned to a matter, the ID information (and images) will be automatically added to the new matter.

Enhanced handling of Power of Attorney

This feature improves Prolegis’ ability to handle adding attorneys who sign documents under a Power of Attorney on behalf of a seller, buyer or owner. In the previous version of Prolegis, only one attorney can be selected per set of buyers, sellers or owners. In the new version of Prolegis, one or more attorneys can be attached to each buyer, seller or owner, and for each attorney, ID can be attached to the attorney.